Given the decades of experience that our team has, there are very few industries that our team has not invested into, with the exception of the fashion and high tech industries. The below are all industries in which we have specific investing experience. In addition, we have solutions involving owned real estate that is included with operating companies. More important than any one industry, we are looking for the below acquisition criteria for the companies we invest into:

Acquisition Criteria

  • Up to $100 million in enterprise value
  • $1.5 to $15.0 million of EBITDA
  • Leader in a niche industry
  • Proprietary and sustainable competitive advantages
  • Strong barriers to entry
  • North America-based
  • Operationally healthy
  • Achievable growth opportunities

Industries of Focus

  • “Niche Market Leaders”
  • Consumer goods and services
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Value-added commercial distribution
  • Business services
  • Marine products and services

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