Branford aims to be a Private Equity leader in paying referral fees and airline miles for deals that are brought to us. Even if a deal isn’t completed, Branford wants to say "Thank You!" for presenting us with good opportunities. See below for our Double Lehman formula payout for completed deals and "Frequent Flyer" miles gift upon our submitting an Expression of Interest or a Letter of Intent. For Sell-side investment bankers who cannot accept these incentives, Branford will make a donation to charity. Please contact Lucky Gilja at with any questions or for more information.


Completed Deals*

Branford will pay a referral fee if we close on a deal that you send us.

Completed deals will result in the following fees paid:

A "Double Lehman" Formula

5%   for the first $2MM in Transaction Value

4%   for the second $2MM

3%   for the third $2MM

2%   for the fourth $2MM

1%   thereafter

For example,deals of the following enterprise value would result in the following fee:


For Non-Completed Deals*

Plus, take yourself and/or your family on a vacation using frequent flyer miles.

Branford submits a Letter of intent for a deal that you send to us.

50,000 miles

Branford submits an Indication of Interest for a deal that you send to us.

25,000 miles


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